The Assessment Matters Podcast

Assessment: Good Conversation About Good Work
We build and organize a community of educators who connect with each other through good conversation about good work.

Every episode of the Assessment Matters podcast embodies our mantra.

Good Assessment is a Conversation.

Teaching and learning have traditionally been seen and undertaken as private activities, occurring behind classroom doors that are, both literally and metaphorically, closed.

Bill Moore and Jen Whetham, your hosts, have years of experience working closely with educators in higher education designing policy-level professional learning for faculty. We know practitioners are hungry to share the good work they are doing . . . and learn about the good work of others . . . in ways that will matter immediately (like on Monday) and far into the future.

This podcast features interviews with faculty in higher education who create exciting innovations in pursuit of meaningful assessment– the kind of assessment that fuels excellence in teaching and results in deep learning.


Good Assessment is Good Conversation.

Unfortunately, conversations about assessment are often deadly, boring, lifeless, mechanistic, pointless, uncomfortable (the list goes on). It’s tempting to focus on the really boring parts– like mechanics and instruments and tools and contentious committees.

But assessment is sexy. Assessment is provocative. Assessment is exciting. Assessment is a field that poses interesting questions and startling insights and life-changing, transformative shifts in mindset.

Join us as we conceptualize and engage with assessment– the work, the people, the ideas– that matters.

"Assessment is not a spreadsheet, it’s a conversation."

-- Joe Bower