July 28, 2018

What Jen is Reading/Geeking Out About Right Now

First off, Assessment, Teaching, and Learning is getting a policy research intern!

Can you believe it?

Her name is Rachel Homchick and she is a student in the Masters of Public Administration program at The Evergreen State College.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on many projects over the years through her role at the Washington Center for Improving Undergraduate Education– namely Using Evidence for Improvement and the SoTL/Equity National Institute.

So when she e-mailed me and asked me if there was an opportunity do an internship for credit at SBCTC, I was all like:

Bill and I both have a lot on our plates . . . And I keep adding stuff.

So when Bill and I interviewed Rachel to explore her passion for policy research and think about how she might partner with us, she mentioned two books she had read in the program that had really inspired her and impassioned her to think expansively about policy analysis.

One of my colleagues at Green River, Jaeney Hoene, once very graciously wrote me a letter of recommendation for a faculty award, and she (very astutely) said, “Jen is happiest when she is learning.”

Oh my goodness– so true.

So I immediately ordered both books to help me think through how we might best provide her with a learning experience . . .  and so I can continue to think about what it means to work at a policy organization in the 21st century.

The first one is the 5th edition of A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving, by Eugene S. Bardach and Eric M. Patashnik.

I am so excited about this summer reading and what I’m going to learn from not only discussing it . . .  but actually applying it, with Rachel, to some of our recent projects . . .   say nothing of having Rachel’s help in the first place!

I shared this book with the steering committee of our flagship project for the year: 2,1,1 TILT: The Equitable Assignment Challenge, and they are going to read it too!

If you’d like to read it with us, drop me an e-mail at jwhetham@sbctc.edu and let me know.  Maybe we could have an online book group that meets monthly via WebEx?