The idea for the Assessment Matters podcast was born at at one of the Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Retreats as faculty developers from around the system were brainstorming how we could better serve adjunct faculty.

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Showcase Good Work

Teaching and learning have traditionally been seen and undertaken as private activities, occurring behind classroom doors both literally and metaphorically closed. What Bill and Jen know from working closely with educators from all three mission areas is that practitioners across the Washington State CTC system, all 8500 of the educators who teach at our 34 colleges, are hungry to share what they are doing and learn about what others are doing. Folks in Washington are doing exciting things in the name of assessment, and this podcast will showcase that good work.

Connect People to Each Other and to That Work

There are 8500 people employed as faculty members in our 34 colleges in the Washington State CTC system. A significant number of that labor force are adjunct faculty. We hope this podcast will connect people to each other through the work.

Conceptualize and Engage with Ideas that Matter

Unfortunately, assessment conversations are often deadly, boring, lifeless, mechanistic, pointless, uncomfortable (the list goes on). It's tempting to focus on the really boring parts-- like mechanics and instruments and tools and contentious committees. But Assessment is sexy. Assessment is provocative. Assessment is exciting. Assessment is a field that poses interesting questions and startling insights and life-changing, transformative shifts in mindset. Explore that side of assessment with Bill and Jen.

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