August 14, 2018

Episode 002 – The Faculty Super Power: Chasing the Edge of a 2,000 Pound Amoeba

Episode Summary

Welcome to the second episode of the Assessment Teaching and Learning Community Podcast! This episode give you an inside look at Everett Community College’s Guided Pathways Development and explores three big themes: Equity, Transformative Leadership and Faculty Leadership.  Today’s guests, Kristine Washburn (Physics.) and Anne Brackett (Chemistry) have been co-chairs of the Guided Pathways work for the past two years. They both received the 2018 Anna Sue McNeill ATL Award for all of their hard work in removing barriers to students’ success.

Listen as Kristine and Anne give us the highlights of their very successful session at the 2018 Spring ATL Conference in Spokane.

Show Notes

  • 00:20 – Assessment Matters Podcast Introduction
  • 00:50 – Welcome to the Assessment Teaching and Learning Community Podcast!
  • 01:08 – Meet today’s guests, Kristine Washburn and Anne Brackett, from Everett Community College
  • 01:30 – In this episode, you’ll learn about:
    • How and Why Kristine and Anne won the Anna Sue McNeill ATL Award
    • A peek in at their amazing session at the Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Conference last May 2018 in Vancouver, WA
    • Notion of Faculty Leadership
    • Everett Community College
  • 02:28 – Bill Moore gives a brief introduction and welcomes Kristine and Anne
  • 03:28 – 3 big themes: Equity, Transformative Leadership and Faculty Leadership
  • 03:48 – Anne discusses Transformative Change
    • Example: Amoeba
    • Transformative Change à Shift in College Culture
    • Having a supportive environment
  • 06:56 – What is a Guided Pathway?
    • 4 Pillars of Guided Pathways
      • Getting Students on the Path
      • Keeping Students on the Path
      • Clarifying the Path
      • Ensuring Learning
    • “Guided Pathway is removing barriers to students’ success”
  • 09:16 – Transformative Change: Be cautious of focusing on Guided Pathways as “faculty-led”
    • Cross-campus collaboration
    • Importance of faculty engagement
  • 11:52 – Key Drivers of Success for Transformative Change and Key things on Equity
    • Equality vs. Equity
    • Being thoughtful on students’ needs
    • Putting equity at the heart of students’ experience
  • 15:33 – How to Put Equity at the heart of the Guided Pathway
    • Insights of EvCC’s Chief Diversity Officer, María Peña
    • The Five Dimensions of Equity
      • Aspiration
      • Access
      • Achievement
      • Economic Progress
      • Engagement
    • Spreading understand on what equity is
  • 19:51 – Engaging Faculty on these Guided Pathways
  • 24:50 – Data Guiding EvCC’s Guided Pathways Efforts

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