August 14, 2018

Episode 003 – Including Adjunct Faculty: A Community Approach


For a lot of these part-time faculty, just the piece of being included was enough . . . “Social connection bonding is part of what makes the joy of learning sustainable.

  • Toni Anderson, Business Faculty at North Seattle College


Welcome to the third episode of the Assessment Teaching and Learning Community Podcast! This episode is about the inclusion and engagement of adjunct faculty. Today’s guests, Toni Anderson, Kathleen Chambers, and Jamie Wilson are from North Seattle Community College. Toni, from Business Faculty, Kathleen, from E-Learning Department, and Jamie, from English Faculty, are the originators of the Faculty Academy of North Seattle where they create a conclusive culture for new and returning adjunct faculty. They recently presented their program at the Spring Assessment Teaching and Learning Conference where they received comments such as “I appreciate the presenter’s being realistic regarding the reality of the challenges when it comes to part time faculty.” and “Can’t wait to bring this back to my college!”

For those of who weren’t able to attend the ATL conference and for those of you who maybe at the conference but weren’t able to attend their session, you surely don’t want to miss this episode! Today, you’ll get the chance to hear all about the incredible works these inspiring faculty have done as a faculty learning community.

Podcast Show Notes

  • 00:35 – Assessment Matters Podcast Introduction
  • 01:05 – Welcome to the Assessment Teaching and Learning Community Podcast!
  • 01:55 – Meet today’s guests, Toni Anderson, Kathleen Chambers, and Jamie Wilson, from North Seattle Community College
  • 04:24 – Bill Moore gives a brief introduction and welcomes Toni, Kathleen and Jamie
  • 04:50 – Faculty Academy: What is it?
    • On Faculty Academy:
      • Toni: Faculty Academy is really anchored in me not wanting the other part-time faculty to have to ever experience the loneliness that I did.
      • Jamie: It’s a learning community that’s designed to create inclusion and professional development opportunities specifically for adjunct faculty.
      • Kathleen: People are not feeling connected with the colleges and that’s not what we wanted.
    • 07:22 – Origins, Process and Approach in Creating the Faculty Academy
    • 10:03 – Particular Professional Learning Needs of Part-Time VS. Full-time Faculty
      • Tenure-track Faculty:
        • Has a process in place when they come on-board
        • Has a tenure community
        • Has a detailed orientation on the campus
        • Has lot of resources and structures in place to contribute to their development
      • Part-time Faculty:
        • Kind of thrown into the deep end
        • No orientation
        • No faculty development program
        • Has little to no experience in teaching
        • Not familiar with assessment
      • 12:37 – Challenges faced in engaging part-time faculty
        • Part-time Faculty:
          • Hired last minute
          • Less time to get orientated
          • Have full time jobs
          • Not on campus as full-time faculty does
          • Teaching at multiple colleges
          • Professional development activities are scheduled in the afternoon
          • No financial finance to offer to part-time faculty
          • No incentives
        • 16:22 – Addressing Challenges to get them fully engaged
          • Learning Management System – to connect virtually
          • Evening Programs
          • Certificate of Completion Program
          • Integrating other faculty development programming options
        • 19:36 – Faculty Academy: How does it evolving now?
          • Extend program to cover 1 academic year
          • Capstone Project for Faculty Academy Participants
          • Create Milestones
          • Attract as much involvement and encourage as many to participate
          • Open to all part-time faculty
          • Survey: What’s working, what isn’t working
          • Create more streamlined, consistent orientation
        • 23:46 – North Seattle College being a recipient of Faculty Learning Community Grant
        • 24:45 – Jamie’s Faculty Survey
          • 6% of 122 faculty members heard about faculty development activities through word of mouth
        • 26:22 – Developing relationships is key
          • “It’s really not what you ask people to do that gets results. It’s really who’s asking you to do it.”
        • 27:50 – Key Ideas on Creating Meaningful Engagement with Part-time Faculty
          • Reflect on what you already have and get that together.
          • Identify the potential opportunities.
          • Identify key people that you need to ask for resources.
          • Do the research inside and outside the institution.
          • Tie the faculty academy into already existing faculty development program.
        • 32:17 – Jen wraps the episode up
        • 38:28 – Thank you for listening! Join us on the next episode.

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